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RM Sotherby's Extend their Pebble Beach Auction for incredible Private Collection

For over 25 years, people have travelled from far and wide to see some of the world’s greatest cars be auctioned off to some very lucky new owners at RM Sotherby’s Monterey auction. Held during the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance week, the flagship auction for RM Sotherby’s has set a number of records in the classic car world; including the record for the “Highest Grossing Collector car Auction of all time” boasting $143 million in total sales.

As you can imagine, every Monterey auction is very special. This year, however, the illustrious auction promises to be even more extraordinary and has been extended by a day to make way for what is being hailed as one of the greatest car collections ever put together – the ‘Pinnacle Portfolio’. The 30 car auction list that accompanies the ominous title is nothing short of breathtaking and comprises of everything from the very first Bugatti Veyron to the final Ferrari Enzo.

Talking about the outstanding collection of cars RM Sotherby’s car specialist, Shelby Myers, told Top Gear:

“While many of the world’s most impressive collections were established in the public eye of the car collecting world, the ‘Pinnacle Portfolio’ was assembled with a clandestine, surgical precision unlike any other that has come to market.”

The 30 cars in the collection cover a range of years from 1955 to 2012 and comprises of everything from modern supercars to historic racing cars. There are a number of highlights within this astonishing collection, the centre piece being a completely original 1964 Ferrari 250 LM that was shown at the 1964 Earls Court Motor Show and raced with great success in the UK.

Also a highlight, the final Ferrari Enzo – number 400 – sits within the collection. Ferrari gifted the car to His Holiness Pope John Paul II, who blessed the car and then auctioned it off to raise money for tsunami victims. The cars distinct history and its total mileage of just 180km should see it secure a price previously unseen by an Enzo. Joining the Enzo are its three predecessors – the Ferrari F50, F40 (F40 LM in this case) and 288 GTO; all of which feature a very low mileage and Classiche Certification.

Outside of Ferrari, the collection continues to be unbelievable with the addition of such cars as the very first Bugatti Veyron, a Koenigsegg CCXR which gained a cameo in the Fast and Furious franchise and a Toyota 2000GT that not only boasts being completely unrestored but is also the first 2000GT in America.

The ‘Pinnacle Portfolio’ has called for an extension of the Monterey auction and shall be sold during an exclusive auction on 13th August 2015.


[Photo Credit: Patrick Ernzen -® 2015 RM Sotheby's]

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