Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona (1973) / Sold


55,117 miles
1973 / M
Exterior Colour
Rosso Chiaro
Interior Colour
Beige Leather Daytona Seats - Black Straps
Engine Layout

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In 1968 Ferrari launched the 365 GTB/4, almost immediately, the press gave the 365 GTB/4 its ‘Daytona’ suffix, in celebration of Ferraris 1-2-3 finish in the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. It was never officially called ‘Daytona’.

The new cars engine and handling certainly didn’t undermine its racing connection. The 4.4-litre, 4-cam V12 produced 352 bhp. Despite the 1633 kg bulk, the ‘Daytona’ was billed as the ‘fastest road car in the world’. Not only was 174 mph more than just pretty brisk, most importantly it was faster than the Miura. The 5-speed ZF gearbox was mounted with the axle at the rear for optimal weight distribution, and helped give the ‘Daytona’ predictable handling and solid road holding.

Although it was also a Pininfarina design, as with many previous Ferrari road cars the 365 GTB/4 was radically different. 

Early Daytona's featured fixed headlights behind an acrylic glass cover. This particular setup was completely abandoned in 1971 in favour of retractable pop-up twin headlights due to new safety regulations in the United States which outlawed headlights behind covers. Leonardo Fioravanti, designer, interviewed on TV car show had confirmed a popular rumor that it took him 7 days to design a Daytona.

Right-hand drive vehicles are rare with just 158 Coupe's produced for the UK market.

Although the Daytona had a disappointing start to its competition career, it soon found its niche as a solid-as-a-rock GP4 class-winner at Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring. Fifteen ‘Competition’ cars were produced by the factory, in three series of five cars at a time. They raced with great success right up to the mid-70s, winning the Tour de France Automobile outright in 1972, although the factory halted development work in 1973.

Background to this vehicle

One of just 158 RHD cars produced, this example was delivered new to the UK via Maranello Concessionaires Ltd on 1st August 1973 and registered as their Demonstrator on SPL 61M.

The original specification was Rosso Ferrari with Beige Leather, Dark Red Carpets and Air Conditioning.

Retaining its original Book Pack and Handbook, along with its full and complete tool kit, this example is presented in exceptional condition with much work undertaken over the years.

Registered in the Isle of Man in 1994, the owner returned to the UK in 1995 and re-registered the car here on his return.


Service History

Along with its original wallet and handbooks and its full and complete tool kit, 365BRO also comes with an enviable history file from new, with its first service invoice from 1973 and its first MOT Certificate in 1976 thereafter tracking the story of this car up until the present day.

Supplied New by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd
01 August, 1973
C Service by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd
22 October, 1973
2,017 miles
Oil Service by JR Etheridge
03 September, 1974
8,450 miles
12000 Mile Service by JR Etheridge
01 November, 1974
11,530 miles
15000 Mile Service by JR Etheridge
25 April, 1975
15,851 miles
18000 Mile Service by JR Etheridge
12 August, 1975
General Service, Clutch Replacement & Related Works by JR Etheridge
26 January, 1976
20,608 miles
18 August, 1976
25,353 miles
27000 Mile Service by JR Etheridge
08 January, 1977
26,217 miles
29 June, 1977
26,221 miles
Vehicle Repainted by Rardley Motors
30 June, 1977
14 June, 1978
27,181 miles
06 June, 1979
28,359 miles
08 September, 1980
28,966 miles
Service, Brake Overhaul & Partial Engine Rebuild by Rardley Motors
18 February, 1981
16 October, 1981
29,700 miles
13 September, 1982
30,062 miles
09 September, 1983
30,354 miles
Service, Engine Tune & Related Works by Rardley Motors
11 October, 1984
32,348 miles
10 October, 1984
32,374 miles
Replace Torque Tube Bearing by Prancing Horse Garages
26 April, 1985
32,694 miles
11 January, 1986
33,558 miles
General Service, Clutch Replacement & Related Works by GTC Engineering
10 October, 1986
34,934 miles
Shock Absorbers Referbished, Fit Stainless Steel Exhaust & Related Works by Terry Hoyle
08 January, 1988
36,414 miles
29 March, 1988
36,591 miles
10 February, 1989
38,426 miles
General Service, Brake Work, New Bumpers & Related Works by Terry Hoyle
12 April, 1989
38,469 miles
16 June, 1990
38,961 miles
14 June, 1991
39,083 miles
General Service, Brake & Mechanical Overhaul & Related Works by Lorenzini Motorsports
25 January, 1994
40,647 miles
22 January, 1994
40,649 miles
General Service, Checkover and Related Works by Graypaul
07 June, 1994
41,000 miles
Bodywork restoration, Service & Related Works by Graypaul
30 May, 1995
42,365 miles
28 July, 1995
42,867 miles
Electrical Repairs, Replace Shock Absorbers & Related Works by Maranello
05 August, 1995
42,864 miles
22 October, 1996
43,691 miles
Major Overhaul of complete vehicle by Lorenzini Autosports
25 October, 1996
43,686 miles
Replace Wiring Loom & Overhaul Suspension
22 May, 1997
43,877 miles
22 May, 1998
43,887 miles
Complete Engine Overhaul by Tim Samways
16 April, 1999
General Repairs by DK Engineering
16 February, 2000
46,602 miles
General Service & Checkover by Graypaul
09 May, 2000
46,956 miles
18 May, 2000
46,958 miles
General Checkover & Related Works by MHT
19 March, 2001
47,023 miles
07 May, 2003
48,665 miles
General Service, Replace Front Wheel Bearings & Related Works by Terry Hoyle
18 August, 2003
05 June, 2004
51,886 miles
06 August, 2005
53,059 miles
07 October, 2007
53,407 miles
13 February, 2008
53,710 miles
09 April, 2009
54,083 miles
25 May, 2010
54,209 miles
Service , Checkover & Related Works by Foskers
02 June, 2010
54,187 miles
20 July, 2013
54,944 miles
Graypaul Preparation
55,102 miles

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself by providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

On arrival with Graypaul Classic Cars, a full inspection was carried out by our workshop team and the following preparation completed in readiness for sale to the next owner:

Carry out Annual Service 

Renew MOT

Refurbish Brake Calipers

Rebuild Brake Servo

Refinish all 4 wheels

Finally, as always, Swissvax have carried out a professional 2 day detail of the whole car