Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Classiche Certified (1973) / Sold


60,593 miles
1973 / L
Exterior Colour
Rosso Chiaro
Interior Colour
Black Daytona Seats with Rosso Straps
Engine Layout
Engine Capacity
2,418 cc

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The most beautiful car ever produced ?

Perhaps. Although even Enzo Ferrari said the E-Type was the most beautiful car, he certainly couldn't have been unhappy with the Dino.

Gorgeous to look at, fast, sublime to drive and made by Ferrari, the Dino was their first foray into producing a 'small' car powered by a V6 engine. It was badged Dino, named after Enzo's son Alfredino who died in 1956 aged 24, and not a Ferrari.

The Dino's undeniably striking design successfully combined the packaging requirements for a mid engined sports car with a beautiful body and has matured, like many other classic Ferrari's, into a highly desirable collectors piece.

The Dino concept evolved over the years and initially was launched in 1968 as the 206 GT powered by a 2 Litre V6 engine. This car was only built for around a year with 150 units produced, all were Left Hand Drive and it is believed only 5 of these were imported new to the UK.

Dino 246 GT arrived from Autumn 1969 and when compared to 206 GT incorporated a slightly longer wheelbase and a larger 2,418 cc engine. Denoted as L Series cars and built for 1 year with centre lock wheels until Autumn 1970 with a total volume of 357 vehicles produced.

M Series cars arrived in September 1970 with bolt on wheels and in October the first Right Hand Drive cars were available for the UK. Production of the M Series cars ceased in July 1971 with a total of 507 cars produced.

The final or E Series car started production in August 1971 and was produced until 1974 when it was replaced with the 308 GT4. The GTS with its removable targa roof was introduced in March 1972 and total E Series production amounted to 3019 cars in both GT and GTS form.


Background to this Vehicle

A UK supplied, Right Hand Drive Car, 05350 was supplied via Maranello Concessionaires through Dick Lovett Ferrari and was originally ordered on 22nd August 1972 in Celeste Metallizzato with Black Vinyl Interior and Black Carpets along with optional Electric Windows, the factory confirmed and accepted the order on 31st August 1972, with delivery to the UK taking place on 18th December that year.

Registered new on 8th January 1973, 05350 appears to have led a pampered life, with a comprehensive history file covering extensive expenditure over the past 20 years, along with ownership history recorded from new.

According to a previous sellers details from 2002 whom had also supplied the car in 1994, it was restored by Mill Lane Engineering in 1988 and is believed to have changed colour to Rosso Chiaro at this time, and had Daytona seats fitted, a combination the vehicle retains today.

A rare car in GTS form, the UK delivered just 235 examples of this model.

This Dino has passed through a number of high profile owners and collectors over the years, believed to have been part of the Victor Gauntlet collection in the late 80's, followed by The Drambuie Liqueur Company and then owned for a period of 11 years by two well known names in the music industry.

All of the owners over the last 20 years have lavished a large amount of money restoring and renovating the car to keep it looking as exceptional as it does today, always with respected repairers and restorers such as HR Owen, Moto Technique Ltd and in more recent years, Bob Houghton and Nick Cartwright.

Service History

This vehicle is complete with its correct Jack and Bag, reproduction tool kit, Dino leather wallet, Handbook, dealer list, warranty card, battery card & Shell/Ferrari Duster.

Supplied New by Dick Lovett
08 January, 1973
Restoration by Mill Lane Engineering
Oil Service, Steering Rack and Brake Servo replaced & Other related works by HR Owen
24 January, 1997
48,151 miles
Rechroming by Nigel Cooper Coachworks
26 March, 1997
Engine & Gearbox Rebuild by HR Owen
30 April, 1998
48,746 miles
Refinish Wheels, New Centre Caps, MOT Test and refinish Cam Covers by HR Owen
29 May, 1998
48,746 miles
Speedo & Angle Drive replaced by HR Owen
29 May, 1998
48,746 miles
07 June, 1999
275 miles
Stainless Steel Exhaust Fitted by HR Owen
24 June, 1999
275 miles
16 May, 2000
933 miles
02 June, 2001
1,442 miles
13 September, 2002
1,534 miles
Full Service and report by THRE Historic Racing
19 September, 2003
2,181 miles
Paintwork rectification to front end and windscreen surround by Wells Vousden Restorations
15 October, 2003
2,201 miles
15 October, 2003
2,233 miles
18 October, 2004
2,820 miles
Master Cylinder Replaced by AJP Engineering
12 July, 2005
Full Vehicle Inspection by Moto Technique Ltd
31 August, 2005
19 September, 2005
3,164 miles
Full Service, Brake Calipers Overhauled & New seals fitted by Moto Technique Ltd
17 October, 2005
Spark Plugs replaced, Clutch Cable Replaced, General Check over by Moto Technique
14 August, 2006
Gearbox Rebuild, Valve Clearances adjusted & other general works by Moto Technique Ltd
17 November, 2006
Oil Service, Clutch Replaced, Fuel pump replaced, Carburettors Set up, Distributor Checked and Adjusted, HT Leads & Spark Plugs replaced plus other related works by Moto Technique Ltd
08 January, 2008
23 April, 2008
7,898 miles
General Service Work, Carburettors Stripped and Rebuilt with new jets by Moto Technique Ltd
24 May, 2009
14 June, 2010
10,127 miles
Service, Carburettor Tune, Engine Earth Strap Replaced, Gearbox oil replaced by Bob Houghton Ltd
03 September, 2010
10,130 miles
Battery drain checked, earth moved direct to chassis, wire charger, replaced boot lid stay by Bob Houghton Ltd
22 March, 2011
10,339 miles
Starter Motor Rebuild by Bob Houghton
18 August, 2011
10,373 miles
14 May, 2012
10,974 miles
Full Service, Replace Brake Fluid & Antifreeze, Replace washer motor by JWORX Automotive
15 May, 2012
10,978 miles
Suspension & Brakes Stripped, powder coated and rebuilt with new bushes, Engine Detailed, Repaint Targa Top, Suspension Geometry Set up, 4 New Tyres by Nick Cartwright
07 February, 2013
11,092 miles
20 July, 2013
11,383 miles
Service & Full Check Over by Bon Houghton Ltd
19 November, 2014
11,594 miles
13 November, 2014
11,598 miles
Replace Broken throttle Cable by Bob Houghton Ltd
16 June, 2015
11,644 miles
06 September, 2016
11,813 miles
Graypaul Preparation
11,847 miles

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself by providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

Carry out Annual Service 

Carry out MOT Test

Replace door seals both sides

Replace leaking washer fluid bag

Replace Clutch arm gaitor

Replace Left Hand Heater Control Flap Cable

Replace Clutch and Skim Flywheel

Remove Alcantara Trimming and Re-trim in correct Vinyl, with Mouse-hair to Dashboard, retaining Leather Daytona seats, fit new carpets

As always with our cars, a 2 day detail of the complete vehicle by Swissvax has been carried out in order to pass this vehicle onto its new owner in outstanding condition - another car that really does have to be seen to be believed !