Ferrari 328 GTB Classiche Certified (1987) / Sold


26,666 miles
1987 / D
Exterior Colour
Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour
Crema Leather
Engine Layout
270 bhp

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Introduced at the Frankfurt Salon in 1985 alongside it's sibling, the 4 Seater Mondial 3.2, the 328 was available in both GTS and GTB body styles.

Essentially the 328 was a revised and updated version of the 308 which had survived for eight years without any radical change to the overall shape, albeit with various changes to the engine which went from a carburettored 2 Valve per cylinder, to Fuel injection and then to Quattrovalvole - or 4 Valve.

The 328 presented a softening of the wedge profile of its predecessor, with a redesigned nose that had a more rounded shape, complemented by similar treatment to the tail valance panel. The revised front and rear sections featured body coloured bumpers integral with the valance panels, which reflected the work done concurrently to present the Mondial 3.2 models with which they also shared a similar radiator grille and front light assembly layout. Thus all the eight-cylinder cars in the range shared fairly unified front and rear aspects, providing a homogeneous family image.

The exhaust air louvres behind the retractable headlight pods on the 308 series disappeared, coupled with an increase in the size of the front lid radiator exhaust air louvre, which had been introduced on the 308 Quattrovalvole models, whilst a new style and position of exterior door catch was also provided. The interior trim also had a thorough overhaul, with new designs for the seat panel upholstery and stitching, revised door panels and pulls, together with more modern switch gear, which complemented the external updating details.

Optional equipment available was air conditioning, metallic paint, Pirelli P7 tyres, a leather dashboard, leather headlining to the roof (or removable roof panel in the case of a GTS) plus rear window surround, and a rear aerofoil.

The GTB being the rarer of the two with only 130 UK Right Hand Drive cars ever delivered, from a worldwide perspective, Ferrari produced 5 GTS's for each GTB.

Powered by a 3.2 Litre transverse mounted V8 producing 270 BHP, it remained in production until 1989 when it was replaced by the 348, the later cars were fitted with ABS as standard and feature convex and oppose to concave wheels as shown on this pre ABS car.

In recent times the 328 has become very collectible, especially in GTB form because of its rarity and some would say is only now commanding the interest and the value it deserves.

The 328 had a well earned reputation for being reliable as well as relatively inexpensive to run in Ferrari terms, a great all rounder with strong performance and low ownership costs have ensured the 328's longevity.


Background to this Vehicle

Only 130 GTB versions of the 328 were supplied to the UK market, this car is one of 77 of those supplied to the UK market without ABS.

This example was supplied via Maranello Concessionaires Ltd but collected directly from the factory on EE (Italian Export) Plates by the first owner on 4th May 1987 with the following specification:

Rosso Corsa 

Crema Leather

Red Carpets

Air Conditioning

Rear Aerofoil

It was also ordered from new, and delivered as such with a Nero lower half echoing the two tone colouring of the Boxer series, the only 328 I have ever seen in such a combination, but has later been reverted back to being the Rosso Corsa we're all familiar with.

Used regularly in its early life, the history file advises that the vehicle was in storage between 1990 until 1993 when it was returned to use.


Service History

Original Handbook, wallet and both tool kits are present

A good file of service Invoices also accompanies the vehicle

Additionally, the vehicle has been inspected by Ferrari and is now Classiche Certified

Supplied new & Collected directly from the Factory
04 May, 1987
1000 Mile Service by Maranello
18 June, 1987
1,316 miles
UK Registered following Following Factory Collection
01 July, 1987
Oil & Filter Service & Cambelts by Graypaul
04 May, 1993
10,304 miles
Full Service & Cambelts by Specialised Cars Ltd
13 February, 1996
13,876 miles
Service by Specialised Cars Ltd
25 April, 1997
15,665 miles
Full Service & Cambelts by Specialised Cars Ltd
11 May, 1998
16,776 miles
Service by Specialised Cars Ltd
21 May, 1999
17,230 miles
Service & Cambelts by Specialised Cars Ltd
30 June, 2000
17,755 miles
Service by Nick Cartwright
04 August, 2001
17,824 miles
Service & Cambelts by Nick Cartwright
08 September, 2004
19,643 miles
Service & Cambelts by Nick Cartwright
17 February, 2006
19,743 miles
10 January, 2007
20,230 miles
Service by Lamborghini Wycombe
08 March, 2007
20,326 miles
6250 Service & Cambelts by Nick Cartwright
17 September, 2007
20,684 miles
18 September, 2007
20,700 miles
Annual Service by Nick Cartwright
28 October, 2008
22,358 miles
29 October, 2008
22,359 miles
6250 Service & Cambelts by Nick Cartwright
05 March, 2010
22,909 miles
10 March, 2010
22,923 miles
6250 Service by Nick Cartwright
21 January, 2011
23,491 miles
20 January, 2011
23,500 miles
15 March, 2012
25,512 miles
6250 Service & Cambelts by Nick Cartwright
03 April, 2013
26,233 miles
03 April, 2013
26,233 miles
23 May, 2013
26,653 miles
Graypaul Preparation
26,666 miles

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself by providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

On arrival with Graypaul Classic Cars, a full inspection was carried out by our workshop team and the following preparation completed in readiness for sale to the next owner:

Carry out MOT

Replace Battery

Replace Sound Deadening in Engine Bay

Replenish Air Conditioning Gas

Replace Cam Cover Gaskets & Cam Seals

Replace Sump Gasket

Replace Air box hose

Set CO levels & Test

Replace Coolant Header Tank Cap

Replace Brake Hoses with Correct Type

Balance Wheels

Carry Out Annual Service and Replace Cam & Auxiliary Belts

Replace Wheel Centre Caps

Replace Water Pump & Seals

Finally, as always, a 2 day detail of the complete vehicle by Swissvax ensured every part of the car was attended to in preparation for sale to the new owner