Ferrari 550 Maranello (2000) / Sold


31,600 miles
2000 / W
Exterior Colour
Blu Tour De France
Interior Colour
Beige Leather

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When the traditional front-engined 365 GTB/4 Daytona had been replaced by the Mid Engined Flat 12 Berlinetta Boxer in 1973, the front engined V12 GT was put to rest and the mid engined configuration remained through Testarossa, 512 TR and F512 M until 1996 when the F512 M's replacement was once again developed as a traditional front-engined V12 grand tourer.

After a 30 months of development, the Ferrari 550 Maranello was first presented in July 1996, The model name referred to the 5.5-litres total engine displacement and to the town of Maranello, home to the Ferrari headquarters and factory.

Pininfarina executed both the exterior and interior design. The, frame and main engine components were shared with the Ferrari 456, although at 2,500 mm (98.4 in) the 550's wheelbase was 100 mm (3.9 in) shorter.

In total 3,083 units of the 550 Maranello were produced worldwide, all with a manual gearbox. In recent times the 550 Maranello has become very collectible, even though the UK received some 457 Right Hand Drive units, they're demand is ever increasing and prices continue to rise - especially for low mileage cars, given that the 550 was such a good grand tourer, many of them have clocked up substantial mileages in the intervening 19 years since its launch.

Background to this Vehicle

Supplied new by JCT600 Ferrari, Leeds on 18th March 2000 with the following Specification:

Blu Tour De France

Beige Leather

Blu Carpets

Blu Stitching

Blu Scuro piping

Beige dashboard, A pillars and roof lining 

Presented in a classic colour combination, this regularly exercised 550 is in fantastic overall condition.

Service History

Complete with it's original wallet, handbooks and service book, along with a raft of paperwork including previous invoices and MOT certificates.

Spare keys and full original toolkit are also present.

Annual Service by Lancaster Colchester
18 January, 2001
1,423 miles
Annual Service by Specialised Cars Ltd Knutsford
16 September, 2002
9,170 miles
01 April, 2003
12,373 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Specilaised Cars Ltd Knutsford
02 May, 2003
13,151 miles
07 April, 2004
16,172 miles
18750 Service by Graypaul Loughborough
09 June, 2004
18,126 miles
10 May, 2005
21,656 miles
06 May, 2006
23,919 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Emblem Sportscars Poole
08 May, 2006
23,928 miles
Annual Service by Emblem Sportscars Poole
28 March, 2007
25,540 miles
27 March, 2007
25,581 miles
Annual Service by Emblem Sportscars Poole
07 March, 2008
27,686 miles
10 March, 2008
27,700 miles
29 April, 2009
28,250 miles
07 April, 2010
28,581 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Emblem Sportscars Poole
21 April, 2010
28,601 miles
30 March, 2011
29,456 miles
Annual Service by Graypaul Nottingham
31 March, 2011
29,457 miles
Annual Service by Graypaul Nottingham
05 April, 2012
30,107 miles
01 May, 2012
30,112 miles
16 April, 2013
30,519 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Graypaul Nottingham
13 May, 2013
30,566 miles
14 May, 2014
30,826 miles
Annual Service by Graypaul Nottingham
31 July, 2014
30,977 miles
14 May, 2015
31,508 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Graypaul Nottingham
11 September, 2015
31,566 miles
19 May, 2016
31,576 miles
Annual Service by Graypaul Birmingham
26 August, 2016
31,589 miles
Graypaul Classic Cars Preparation
31,600 miles

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself by providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

Following our workshop inspection, the following items have been attended to in preparation for sale:

Brake disc's skimmed and new front & rear brake pads fitted.

Passenger side window regulator replaced.

Both headlight seals replaced.

Coolant renewed

Near side front track rod end replaced

Finally, as always, a 2 day detail of the complete vehicle ensures every part of the car is attended to in preparation for sale to the new owner