Ferrari F40 Classiche Certified (1991) / Sold


17,462 kilometers
1991 / H
Exterior Colour
Rosso Corsa
Engine Layout
V8 Twin Turbo
478 bhp

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The Ferrari F40 is a car that doesn't really need an introduction, the last car manufactured by Ferrari under the direction of its founder, Enzo, the F40 was everything Ferrari could muster for a Supercar of the 80's and the name was to celebrate Ferrari's 40th Anniversary. At the time it was the fastest road car in the world with an official top speed of 202 MPH.

Presented initially in 1987, the F40 incorporated the use of extensive Carbon Fibre and composite in its construction to add rigidity to the chassis whilst at the same time saving weight, 1,100 Kilos to be exact, and with 478 BHP and 425 Lb Ft of torque its performance was, and in fact still is, like nothing else!

Weight saving continued throughout the car with only Air Conditioning as a creature comfort, no central locking, no electric windows or mirrors, not even carpet and on the earliest cars such as this example, a simple pull cable arrangement to open the door from the inside - this car was all about its performance and its driving experience.

The exposed bonded carbon fibre all over the interior of the F40 is an absolute delight, As is the feel through both the steering wheel and the seat.


Background to this vehicle

88446 was supplied by new Crepaldi Auto SPA of Milan and was registered on 17th February 1991 to a local resident, Crepaldi Auto were a long standing franchise for Ferrari and the largest dealer in Italy

With Catalyst (although now fitted with a sports exhaust), but without Adjustable Suspension, this example has spent all of its life in Italy until coming to the UK in July 2012.

88446 has led an evidently pampered life although an element of use as its current mileage suggest confirms the car has been enjoyed.

Complete with its original wallet, Book Pack and Service record as well as its original tool kit.

Service History

Supplied new by Crepaldi Auto SPA of Milan
14 February, 1991
1,000 Km Running in Service by Crepaldi Auto SPA of Milan
19 February, 1992
10,000 Km Service by Rosso Corsa of Brescia
20 September, 1995
10,689 km
15,000 Km Service by Rosso Monza of Concorezzo, Monza
01 September, 2011
31 May, 2012
16,345 km
25,000 Km Service by DK Engineering
May 2012
16,300 km
18 August, 2014
17,326 km
Graypaul Preparation
17,348 km

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself by providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

The workshop inspection revealed no other issues other than maintenance requirements due on a time basis, all of which have been carried out in preparation for the vehicles sale as follows:

Carried out Major Service

Replace Cam & Ancillary Belts

Replace Both Fuel Tanks

Turbo oil return pipe seals replaced

Right Hand Rear Wheel Bearing replaced

Suspension bushes replaced

New Battery

Bodywork wise, the Front Clam Shell was showing some sections of carbon weave, but an indentation in the centre of the panel detracted from the overall look of the vehicle so this has been repainted along with the side skirts to eradicate any stone chips and a new front lip spoiler fitted.

Following completion of the required preparation the vehicle received a complete 4 day detail by Swissvax to ensure the car was ready to be fully enjoyed and admired by its new owner.

88446 has also been freshly inspected and approved for Ferrari Classiche certification