Ferrari F40 Classiche Certified (1989) / Sold


9,444 kilometers
Exterior Colour
Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour
Red Cloth
Engine Layout
478 bhp

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The Ferrari F40 is a car that doesn't really need an introduction, the last car manufactured by Ferrari under the direction of its founder, Enzo, the F40 was everything Ferrari could muster for a Supercar of the 80's and the name was to celebrate Ferrari's 40th Anniversary. At the time it was the fastest road car in the world with an official top speed of 202 MPH.

Presented initially in 1987, the F40 incorporated the use of extensive Carbon Fibre and composite in its construction to add rigidity to the chassis whilst at the same time saving weight, 1,100 Kilos to be exact, and with 478 BHP and 425 Lb Ft of torque its performance was, and in fact still is, like nothing else!

Weight saving continued throughout the car with only Air Conditioning as a creature comfort, no central locking, no electric windows or mirrors, not even carpet and on the earliest cars such as this example, a simple pull cable arrangement to open the door from the inside - this car was all about its performance and its driving experience.

The exposed bonded carbon fibre all over the interior of the F40 is an absolute delight, As is the feel through both the steering wheel and the seat.

There were a number of specification changes to the F40 through its life, and as the years rolled past the addition of wind up windows to replace the original sliding ones, Catalytic Converters in 1990 (to meet American market requirements) and Adjustable Ride Height

It is argued that the purest F40, and the most collectable of the 1,311 produced is the original, without any of the above changes, of course each F40 is very special.

All F40's were manufactured in Left Hand Drive form and all were painted Rosso Corsa, however it is believed 7 vehicles were subsequently converted to Right Hand Drive for The Sultan of Brunei and some others have been subsequently colour changed.