Ferrari F512M Classiche Certified (1996) / Sold


44,287 miles
1996 / N
Exterior Colour
Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour
Crema Leather
Engine Layout
Flat 12

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At the Paris Salon in October of 1994, Ferrari introduced the final version of the fabulous Testarossa series - designated the F512M. The letter “M” stood for modificata, with the vehicle featuring a modified design, a modified engine/transmission and various other internal and external modifications that truly made this rendition the “beast” of the Testarossa series.

The changes to the styling of the F512M were driven by aerodynamics and are especially evident on the front of the car. There is a new integrated nose cap with trapezoidal indicator and parking lights located above the separate round fog lights. The grill opening was slightly smaller and only provides air for the A/C condenser. The most significant change was the incorporation of the fixed “homofocal” headlights behind lexan covers. Additional design changes include the two NACA intakes, installed at the trailing edge of the front lid, for improved interior ventilation. The undertray was also modified for a smoother air flow.

More of a cosmetic change, the Testarossa-style rectangular tail lights (covered by strakes) were removed and replaced with more conventional round tail lights. The unique two-piece wheels were proprietary to this model and were designed to assist in brake cooling. Other changes were made, but it would be necessary to have examples of a 512TR and a F512M to make a direct comparison.

Although the F512M was the zenith of the Testarossa series, it enjoyed the shortest production run at less than 2 years. 

The UK market received just 41 RHD vehicles, making the F512M the rarest and most collectable of all 'Testarossa's'

Background to this vehicle

Supplied new by Maranello Sales on 4th April 1996 as their demonstrator, with the following specification:

Rosso Corsa

Crema Leather

Red Carpets

The UK market delivered just 41 RHD F512M's until it was replaced by the 550 Maranello making this car exceedingly rare.

Always one of our favourites, this particular car has enjoyed just one further keeper since January 1998.

A Tubi Exhaust system is supplied with the car which can be installed at the new owners request, the standard exhaust is currently fitted.

Service History

Retaining all its original Handbooks, Service Book and tools of course, the history file includes all previous MOT's bar one and any other related paperwork.

Supplied New by Maranello Sales
04 April, 1996
1000 Mile Service by Maranello
17 April, 1996
Annual Service by Maranello
27 August, 1997
3,547 miles
Annual Service by Maranello
16 January, 1998
3,596 miles
Annual Service by MHT
05 January, 1999
8,775 miles
17 April, 1999
10,128 miles
12500 Mile Service by MHT
03 March, 2000
14,757 miles
06 May, 2000
15,515 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Evans Halshaw
30 August, 2000
18,231 miles
05 May, 2001
19,714 miles
Annual Service by Evans Halshaw
15 February, 2002
20,731 miles
05 May, 2002
21,044 miles
25000 Mile Service & Cambelts by Hargreaves Racing
10 April, 2003
25,038 miles
14 April, 2004
28,336 miles
Annual Service by Hargreaves Racing
15 April, 2004
28,336 miles
Annual Service by Sportsline
05 April, 2005
29,720 miles
26 August, 2005
30,418 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Shiltech
16 March, 2006
30,872 miles
25 August, 2006
31,657 miles
Annual Service by Shiltech
15 December, 2006
32,285 miles
31 August, 2007
33,398 miles
Annual Service by Shiltech
25 April, 2008
35,305 miles
02 July, 2008
36,545 miles
Annual Service by Shiltech
27 May, 2009
37,276 miles
28 September, 2009
37,771 miles
37500 Mile Service, Cambelts & Clutch by Shiltech
22 January, 2010
39,355 miles
27 August, 2010
39,852 miles
Annual Service by Shiltech
10 December, 2010
39,899 miles
27 August, 2011
40,489 miles
03 September, 2012
41,176 miles
Annual Service & Cambelts by Shiltech
20 May, 2013
41,596 miles
27 August, 2013
42,210 miles
04 September, 2014
43,222 miles
Annual Service by Shiltech
24 September, 2014
43,448 miles
04 September, 2015
44,163 miles
24 October, 2016
44,288 miles
Graypaul Preparation
44,291 miles

Our Preparation

Our reputation is built on the quality of the cars we sell. Graypaul Classic Cars prides itself of providing the best possible cars in the best possible condition prepared to an exacting standard with a proven provenance.

Refurbish all 4 wheels 

Replace NSF indicator Bulb

Replace OSF Front Fog Lamp 

Replace NSF Headlamp

Rectify Driver’s Door Light Inoperative 

Remove Tubi Exhaust and replace with Standard Exhaust and Cats 

Replace Driver’s Seatbelt

Rectify Faulty Heater Control

Replace Cams seals and repaint Cam Covers 

Balance Wheels

Replace missing Towing Eye 

Re-gas Air Conditioning System

Carry Out Annual Service

Replace Cambelts

Replace Front Tyres 

As always, a full professional detail has been carried out by swissvax and this rare example is ready to be enjoyed by its new custodian.