Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 Coupe (1995) / Sold


66,786 miles
Exterior Colour
Iris Blue
Interior Colour
Marble Grey Leather
Engine Layout
Flat 6

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The 993 variant of Porsche's ever popular 911 was the final air cooled version of the breed.

Produced between late 1993 and 1998 it retained the basic body shell of the outgoing 964 version, the doors and the roof panels were also identical, the revised external panels, with much more flared wheelarches and a smoother front and rear bumper design, an enlarged retractable rear wing and teardrop mirrors.

One of the major changes on 993 over its predecessor was the implementation of all alloy, multi-link rear suspension mounted in an alloy sub-frame. This system later continued in the 993's successor, type 996, and required the widening of the rear wheel arches, which gave better stability. The new suspension improved handling, making it more direct, more stable, and helping to reduce tendency to oversteer if the throttle was lifted during hard cornering, a trait of earlier 911s. It also reduced interior noise and improved ride quality.

The 993 was also the first generation of 911 to have a standard six-speed manual transmission. The Carrera / Carrera S / Cabriolet and Targa models were available with a "Tiptronic" 4-speed automatic transmission , first introduced in the 964. It was not available on 4 wheel drive variants.

In 4 wheel drive guise, the 4 wheel drive system was refined over that of the 964. Porsche departed from the 964's setup consisting of three differentials and revised the system based on the layout from its 959 supercar, replacing the centre differential with a viscous coupling. In conjunction with the 993's redesigned suspension, this system improved handling characteristics and still retained the stability offered by all wheel drive without having to suffer compromises. Its simpler layout also reduced the system's weight.

Other improvements include a new dual-flow exhaust, larger brakes with drilled discs, and revised power steering.